A broad base of services are available that include but not limited to are individual, partnership and corporate tax planning and preparation, business consulting and financial statement preparation.

Tax Preparation - Individuals

Tax preparation is needed by almost all of us.  Many think that their personal return is easy and there is no need for someone else to prepare their return.  Often important deductions and tax credits are often missed resulting in unnecessary additional taxes paid.  Each person or family that comes to this firm will be treated with dignity and respect with the best effort of a professionally prepared return in order to minimize your tax burden.  

Tax Preparation - Corporations and Partnership(s)

Preparation of Corporate or Partnership returns start with an accurate financial statement. Each Corporation or Partnership needs a through review of the financial information provided by the client in order to properly plan and prepare their annual returns.  Preliminary tax planning is essential and is an important part of the process of the service provided through out the year.   


IRS Representation

An important part of tax planning for individuals and businesses is to avoid problems with the Internal Revenue Service.  If this occurs it is important to have proper representation allowing one to stay focused on their business.    

Business Consulting 

Starting up a business has many challenges.  It is important to know your plan and have a direction to follow.  Early planning of tax structure and lay out of a business is important in protecting assets and limiting liability as well as ensuring as much as possible successful efforts.  Helping the individual or entrepreneur in startup and successful operation of their business is a service that is provided.  

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